The FOOD4G TRAINING MODEL is aimed at fostering 4 main relevant area of skills .

These skills are deemed key to be integrated in the professional profile of the food technician and students in order to improve their overall innovative interaction and communication capacity.

According to your background and competences you can decide to study across all the modules or just to focus on some of them. Through this training pathway you will be able to develop the following learning objectives:

Module Description
Basic Skills Be able to know the organizational features of the company and the actors involved in the decision process making, and own basic corporate team building, communication techniques and styles
Strategic influencing and negotiation Given an innovative product, the ability to understand market and identify and mapping relevant stakeholders in term of their position, level of influencing, relevance, interest and position
Communication Once identified relevant stakeholders, the ability to rightly communicate innovation through the development of a consistent communication strategy in order to build up consensus about the innovation proposed
Negotiation: the Art of dealing Ability to influence relevant stakeholders when appropriate through negotiation skills. Maintain an awareness of goals and objectives and navigates solutions towards desired ends, while maintaining relationships and supporting consensus.

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